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5 Spring Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin

Make It Classy Team

The long-awaited warmer weather is finally here! Winter typically leaves your skin extremely dry, flaky, and dehydrated, so come springtime, it’s definitely ready for some extra TLC. Here are some tips on how to transition your skin along with the changing season:


Exfoliating removes dry skin cells from the skin’s surface. It can help prevent your pores from clogging, thus decreasing the likelihood for breakouts. Exfoliating also helps with collagen production, and collagen is the key to making your skin achieve that glowing appearance. Our Majestic Maya Body Scrub and Sweet Sofia Body Scrub serve as great exfoliators if you need some options. For further information, we also have a blog post available on our website about Why You Should Exfoliate Your Skin.


Use Products With Higher SPF

SPF stands for sun protection factor. Springtime = more sun, meaning you need the proper type of skincare products. However, it is important to remember that using SPF is still necessary to use even on those rainy spring days as well! The higher protection you have from the sun, the less evidence of sun damage will appear on your skin, which will give your skin the glow you desire.

Hydrate skin at night

Try to find a facial moisturizer that also has properties that will hydrate and revitalize your skin, such as a sleeping cream, which acts as a face mask but applies as a cream. Remembering to wash your face every night helps with achieving glowing skin as well.


Exercise & drink water

We’ve all heard that drinking a sufficient amount of water every day is good for your skin, but exercising regularly is as well. Exercise helps with blood circulation to your face, which leads to flushing out those unwanted toxins. Exercise has also been said to act as a “mini-facial” because sweating opens up your pores and gets rid of dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin with that post-workout glow. 

Try a face mask 

Putting on face masks regularly is another way to exfoliate. Face masks help remove excess oils, hydrate the skin, and improve the appearance of your pores, giving you that naturally glowing look. 

If you’re on the hunt for a face mask that is good for all skin types, Make It Classy has a few plant-based ones to choose from:

Start your new spring skincare routine right off the bat, and you’ll be glowing in no time!


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