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What Is Make It Classy?

It's like a dinner kit, but for beauty!

Make It Classy delivers plant-based ingredients and step-by-step instructions needed to craft your own chemical-free Do-It-Yourself beauty creations.

It's an Experience You Won't Forget


"I went with their Clay & Hair Mask and I’ve used it twice now and I LOVE it! It makes my face so smooth and fresh after use." - Marissa


"I made this! And I did a pretty darn good job, too! Can you tell I’m smiling extra hard? This DIY body scrub really just boosted my confidence." - Rae


"Let me be honest. I had no idea how to use rosewater before I made my own with this kit. That was until I met the Make It Classy team at an event. It was so easy to make and I now use it as a daily facial toner. Since it stores in the fridge, I love the cool spray when I apply! My face has never been more clear! - Mya


"Absolutely LOVE this product. The DIY box comes with instructions and even has a QR code you can scan additional helpful info. It was fun getting to make my own mask and see exactly what I’ll be putting on my face. The box is full of cute little surprises and I felt like a kid on Christmas opening it." - Lejla

Why Clean Beauty is For You

"American women use an average of 12 products a day - nearly 200 chemicals," according to the Environmental Working Group.

With thousands of harmful chemicals laced into everyday beauty products that can cause health concerns, we want YOU to take control. By learning to incorporate plant-based ingredients into your hair and skin care regimen, you can take full control of your beauty routine. 

Make your own chemical-free beauty products with us!

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