What Is Make It Classy?

Make It Classy delivers plant-based ingredients and step-by-step instructions needed to craft your own chemical-free Do-It-Yourself beauty creations.

With thousands of harmful chemicals laced into everyday beauty products that can cause health concerns, we want YOU to take control. By learning to incorporate plant-based ingredients into your hair and skin care regimen, you can take full control of your beauty routine.

TIP: Each Make It Classy box is named after a woman. Why? Because they're powerful, brilliant and brave! 

Make your own chemical-free beauty products with us!

What Women Are Saying

"Loved this box! The mask was just what my hair needed and came with an easy to follow guide! My mask came out great and made my natural hair so defined! Can't wait to try all the other boxes! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!"

- Jasmine S.


"I went into the hair rinse open minded and thank goodness I did! My curls are bouncy, my hair is lush and it smells SO good!! My hair wants to thank Make It Classy for that rinse because she's lookin' good!!"

- Jen S.


"I absolutely loved receiving my box and making my rose water. It's so cool having something I made myself that I wouldn't normally and I know it's organic and natural and 100% safe to use on my skin and hair. Love it!"

- Audrey B.


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