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Majestic Maya Body Scrub

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Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub

Our Majestic Maya Body Scrub is loaded with plant-based ingredients like matcha and avocado oil to help you buff away dull, dry skin.

It's a great exfoliator, that wakes up the senses (thanks to peppermint essential oil) and promotes moisturized skin with each use.

Who Is This For?

Our Majestic Maya Body Scrub is great for:

- Those who love the smell of peppermint 

- Those who experience sinus or respiratory issues (the peppermint is the key)

- Who have normal to dry skin

How To Use

This scrub can be used as a:

- Foot scrub

- Body scrub

Scoop out a handful from the jar. Scrub onto the body starting at feet and working your way up to your neck. Rinse with water after applying and pat skin dry with a towel.


Does this body scrub moisturize skin?

Absolutely! This body scrub is made with soothing avocado oil to leave long-lasting moisture.

- What benefits does green tea (matcha) have for the skin?

We use matcha, a type of green tea in Graceful Gina due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more about the benefits of including green tea in your beauty routine here

How often should I use this body scrub?

We recommend using a body scrub at least twice a week. Learn more about using body scrubs here


Sugar, Matcha, peppermint oil, avocado oil, dried roses. (Need an oil switched out? Chat us HERE for options.

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