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Loyal Leah - DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask

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Loyal Leah - DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask
Loyal Leah - DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask
Loyal Leah - DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask
Loyal Leah - DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask

You've worked hard, so you deserve a break - right?

Step up your #SelfcareSunday (or #SelfcareEveryday) routine with our Loyal Leah DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask. Imagine smoothing on a face mask after a long day and finally getting the "me time" you need to recharge.

Our Loyal Leah DIY beauty box is just that - loyal. She is the best friend that never lets you down. You'll learn step-by-step how to make an easy moisturizing face mask and deep conditioner featuring Rhassoul clay.

It's great for curly, kinky or straight hair + all skin types!


Instruction card, link to online video tutorial and enough ingredients to make at least 1 hair mask and/or 15+ use face mask (8 ounces of product).

This organic product contains no chemicals, dyes, parabens, petroleum or mineral oil.  

Our hair + face mask is good for:

  • Softening hair + skin
  • Adding moisture to hair + skin
  • Fading dark marks and acne scars
  • Detoxing the hair + scalp

Key ingredients: Rhassoul Clay, aloe vera

NOTE: Contains sweet almond oil (nut) and citrus. Please tell us if you have a nut or citrus allergy and we will replace this oil with another oil.

Have a question about this particular product? Chat us HERE for a quick answer. 

Why this product is great as a face mask:



Clay Mask Video Tutorial for Hair:

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