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5 DIY Beauty Holiday Gifts

Make It Classy Team


Make your holidays classy with the help of this gift guide, featuring our five DIY beauty box products. Each box could be given to and used by anyone who’s willing to take a step towards a plant-based beauty routine, but this gift guide is meant to provide specific scenarios to help narrow down your options. 

Keep reading to take the hassle out of deciding which box would be the best fit for the best people in your life! 

Tenacious Tori Face Mask Trio 

Our newest box launched in October, and it’s the perfect gift set for the holidays! 

If you have someone in your life who prefers variety in his/her self-care routine and enjoys aesthetically pleasing everyday things to share on the Internet, this box is the one!

The different clays will allow that special someone to switch up their face masks, and the pink color of the rose clay or the green of the matcha clay would add a cute touch to that Instagram post!

do it yourself face mask recipe

Especially if you want your gift to stand out among the other more common perfume and candle basket gift sets under the tree, Make It Classy will let you have that unique gift-giver moment this year!

If this is the one, click here to purchase! Hurry before they sell out because this limited edition box is only available until Dec. 31st! (While supplies last)

Majestic Maya Body Scrub


This beautiful body scrub not only gets an A+ in presentation, but it also smells like peppermint, giving it that holiday spirit. Give that family member who takes their sweet time in the shower a good reason to take that extra minute he/she deserves to apply this matcha-based body scrub for softer, smoother skin!

do it yourself body scrub recipe

People who love the scent of peppermint and/or those who love all things matcha would also be great candidates for this box!

Visit this page to purchase and to find more info on the body scrub!

Loyal Leah Clay Hair + Face Mask 

There’s always at least one person you know who can’t help but stay busy all the time and therefore relies on efficiency in any possible way. Help give that person a break! Remind him/her to take a breather, hand this box over, and make sure to mention that it’s a 2-in-1 type of deal!

“You can use this as a hair and face mask at the same time if you wanted to save time but also make time for yourself for once!” That’d be sure to convince ‘em!

If you’re convinced, purchase this product here.

Herbal Ebony Herbal Hair Rinse 

Do you have a friend who absolutely refuses to leave the house without ALWAYS having her hair nicely done? This hair rinse works for all hair types, and it’s great for those concerned with speeding up their hair growth, preventing hair loss, and strengthening hair follicles. It’ll help make sure your friend’s hair is super healthy, and she wouldn’t have to worry about harmful chemicals causing any damage.

 hair rinse recipe diy

So if you have someone whose biggest priority is hair care over anything else, this box is the one to go with!

Click here to purchase and/or learn a little more about this product!

Romantic Rosie Lavender Rosewater

This one’s another perfect gift for people who love multi-purpose products to make their lives a little easier. Not only does this rosewater have many uses, but the dried roses have positive effects on mental health such as stress and anxiety relief.

So if you know someone who’s an advocate for prioritizing mental health, or someone who appreciates the benefits of essential oils, or even someone whose favorite flowers are roses, get her the Rosewater box! 

how to make rosewater

To purchase and/or simply learn about the various ways to use this product here. 

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