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Benefits of Rosewater for your Beauty Routine

Make It Classy Team


Here at Make It Classy, were huge advocates for skin and hair importance. Our skin is more of a filter than it is a barrier; it absorbs everything from environmental pollution that we apply. 

Which is why it is important to make sure anything you put in your body you would put on the outside as well. 

Roses are one of the oldest, yet most popular flowers everyone loves.  There are over 50 types of roses. They aren’t just a flower that blooms in our backyard, but organic ingredient that can maintain healthy traits for your hair and skin.

Roses are frequently used as a common ingredient in beauty products such as facial toners, perfumes and hair moisturizers. 


When incorporating roses into your hair and skin care routine, it is best to choose products free from chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, finding roses within a local farmers market or organically grown would be the best option for you. 

Benefits of Rosewater

  • Helps soothe irritation - It's a strong anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces skin redness - This would be perfect for the scalp and skin during the warmer months
  • Contains antioxidants - Protects cells from damage
  • Enhances mood - Helps to relaxes the mind, body, and soul

Now that you've learned the benefits of rosewater, make your own rosewater using out Romantic Rosie DIY Lavender Rosewater box.

You will learn step-by-step how to make your own organic rosewater that
can be used in many various ways. It is great for all hair and skin types containing no chemicals, dyes, parabens, petroleum or minerals. 

Our Romantic Rose-DIY is food for: 

  • Softening skin
  • Serving as an anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizing hair
  • Acting as a facial toner  

Get your DIY beauty box delivered to your door!

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