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How Often You Should Use a Body Scrub

Make It Classy Team

There are a handful of products that can really enhance the quality of your beauty routine. A body scrub is one of them.

Many traditional body scrubs are loaded with fillers and chemicals with only small amounts of high quality ingredients.

This is why we decided to craft our own made from the goodness of plants!

Our new Majestic Maya DIY Body Scrub (which launches THIS Thursday!) is truly made from the earth itself. It's completely organic and includes soothing oils your skin will love. You seriously won't need lotion after using this product!


Our DIY kit comes with ingredients like organic matcha and dried roses that give it a natural color boost without harmful dyes.

When it comes to using your new body scrub, here is the key factor to remember: body scrubs are exfoliators and moisturizers.

If you spend a lot of times exposed to the outdoor elements, it may not be a bad idea to exfoliate daily. 

On another hand, this scrub is the queen of moisture. If you suffer from dry skin, especially around the cooler months, daily use is just fine.

At the very least, we recommend using our scrub at least 2-3 times per week.

Our new Majestic Maya DIY Body Scrub officially launches August 29, 2019 in our shop. 

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