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Essentials for an At-Home Spa Day

Make It Classy Team

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Before the hustle of the holidays when you’re focused on giving back to everyone around you, treat yourself to a relaxing at home spa day! Here’s a list of everything you need to set the ambience  for a much-needed day free of stress and obligations after a long, busy week:

  1. Bubble Bath or Long Hot Shower


Kick off your at home spa day by drawing yourself a bath or spending a little extra time soaking up the hot water in the shower! For that extra “oomf” to this first step, you could try incorporating our do-it-yourself Majestic Maya Body Scrub into your routine.

at home spa day body scrub

It’s the perfect at home spa day kit because it comes with everything you need in one kit. The matcha in this product, combined with the other organic ingredients, make for a great exfoliator and will leave your skin feeling extremely smooth while also giving off the wonderful scent of peppermint! 

  1. Face Mask

at home spa day essentials

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There are very few things that say “self-care” more than making the time to put on a creamy face mask (that smells like oranges, perhaps?) and feeling all the unwanted dead skin literally wash away when you rinse it off. To assure that you aren’t putting any unwanted chemicals on your face at the same time, don’t forget about our do-it-yourself Loyal Leah Face Mask, which doubles up as a hair mask as well! As mentioned earlier, it also smells like oranges, thanks to the orange essential oil included in the box!

  1. Comfy Clothes

Ditch your tight tops, skinny jeans, business suit and those ridiculously uncomfortable bras, and just throw on a luxurious robe or the comfiest sweats you own! Get some fuzzy socks or slippers on too, curl up with a super soft blanket, and just R E L A X for once!

  1. Candles


To really set the cozy vibes, burn those candles that you bought in bulk once all the yummy scents came out but have been sitting untouched for weeks! Go for a nice calming vanilla scent if you’re into sweeter smells, or light one of those amazing seasonal scents to get in the holiday spirit!

  1. Favorite Show/Movie

Shamelessly put that cheesy chick-flick on that you’ve been avoiding because your significant other didn’t want to watch it, or watch a full season of FRIENDS for the 12th time! Who cares? It’s YOUR at-home spa day; no one can stop you!

  1. Bottle of Bubbles

at home spa day essentials

It’s fun to feel fancy every now and then! Pour yourself a glass of wine (or sparkling juice if you’re not 21) and sit back, sip away while you’re in your robe, waiting for your face mask to dry, watching your favorite movie with your feet up, just living your best life because you deserve it.

You may have heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first”, meaning you are unable to be your best self for others unless you first make the effort to prioritize your own needs and mental health.

This is crucial to remember, especially during the holiday season when family and friends become a primary focus, whether that’d be in the form of giving gifts, hosting events, providing entertainment, or just spending time with them, nevertheless preventing you from that imperative “Me Time” everyone needs once in a while. 

Set aside some time for your at-home spa day, and allow Make It Classy to help make it complete!

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