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How to Build a Sustainable Beauty Routine

Make It Classy Team

Did you know that many of our common practices in our beauty routines can be harmful to the environment? Although we might not be aware of them, it is important to consider how to improve your beauty habits to promote sustainable living.

An eco-friendly beauty routine means you’re being kind to yourself and mother Earth! Here are 6 ways to build a sustainable beauty routine.

eco-friendly beauty routine tips

  • Recycle or reuse your beauty packaging
  • Instead of throwing away your empty beauty product bottles, you can rinse them out and repurpose them for other use. You can cut these empty bottles and turn them into vases and jars to be used for storage. Putting soil in them for planting seeds is another way to make sure you get the most use out of bottles before disposing of them. Plus, what’s greener than planting seeds? Be sure that you recycle them if possible when it’s time.

  • Invest in natural and organic products
  • Purchasing (or better yet, making) products with a focus on natural and organic ingredients is both an act of self care and Earth care. Doing this is acknowledging that you deserve nothing but the safest and cleanest ingredients for your routine and that the Earth deserves the same treatment. You and our planet are worth it!

  • Say no to microplastics and microbeads
  • Microplastics and microbeads are often found in body scrubs and face washes. They are advertised to remove dead skin for a deeper clean. However, because they are small enough to escape the water filters at waste treatment plants, these plastics find themselves into our waterways after we rinse and can harm marine organisms. Not to mention that by using them, you are rubbing this plastic on your skin which can remove  healthy skin.

  • Buy reusable cleansing cloths and pads
  • Reusable cleansing cloths allow multiple uses out of them, unlike the common single-use wipes. Just wash them after each use and store them for your next use. This reduces the garbage that ends up in the environment and saves you money.

  • Switch to bar soap
  • Bar soap uses less packaging and some beauty brands have made it a point to reduce their use of pollutants in packaging. Switching will overall reduce your carbon footprint. Try our Bright Bella, Loving Liz, and Graceful Gina body bars.

  • Buy multi-purpose products
  • Find products that can be used in multiple ways. This is especially possible for products that use natural ingredients. For example, African black soap can be a body wash and turned into shampoo. This reduces the amount of bottles you need to dispose of. Our Loyal Leah DIY kit can be used as both a face and hair mask. Our Loving Liz body bar can also be used on both the body and face.

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