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Quick Beauty Routine for When You're Running Late for Work

Make It Classy Team

Oh no! You’re running late and won’t have time for your beauty routine...AGAIN. But what if you did? We’re here to help by providing you with a beauty routine you can complete in those last few minutes before you really have to leave for work.

Wipe face instead of washing

You don’t have time for your entire skincare routine, so in order to quickly remove excess makeup and toxins from the night before, use a makeup wipe or washcloth with a gentle face cleanser. 

Tie your hair up

There are numerous quick and easy hairstyles out there for when you don’t have time for your regular styling routine. Try a ponytail, half up-half down, or simply leave your hair natural for a day.

Eyebrows and mascara

Personally, if I had to choose only two makeup products to wear for the day, I would choose to fill in my brows and swipe mascara on my lashes to make myself look more awake!

Have a go-to outfit in mind

If you can’t decide what to wear, go with a basic combination of clothing pieces to make for a cute and comfortable look. Here are some ideas:

  • Cardigan, tank top, nice jeans, cute booties
  • Striped top, black slacks, ballet flats
  • Knit sweater, black leggings, high boots
  • White top, blazer, dress pants, wedges

Don’t forget to grab an on-the-go snack like a granola bar or bagel on your way out the door! Just because you’re running late doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast. We hope these tips help your stress level the next time you happen to be running late! 

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