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Easy Ways to Incorporate Skincare When You’re On-the-Go

Make It Classy Team


Maybe you’re going to school. Maybe you work a 9-to-5. Or maybe you do both! Either way, we know how it feels to always be on-the-go.

Sometimes it seems like you barely have enough time to take some deep breaths! Skincare is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re already juggling so many responsibilities, but in the long-run it’s important to keep your skin healthy. 

That’s why here at Make It Classy, we make it easy for you to incorporate skincare into your schedule with just a few steps and products that will have you feeling refreshed and ready for action. 

Your skincare routine doesn’t always have to include 25 steps each night for you to reduce pores or keep your face hydrated.

Face masks are a great way for you to keep your skin in check and they hardly require work or time. For instance, our Modest Mia Matcha Face Mask is good for rejuvenation and inflammation reduction for those who experience breakouts (in COVID-19 times, those face coverings make it easy for bacteria to form)!

All it takes is five to ten minutes for the mask to dry on your face before removing it with a warm cloth. It’s that easy! Even better, you only need to use it one to two times per week! 

Another alternative for those with sensitive skin is our Radiant Rae Rose Clay Face Mask. Even if you have normal skin you can still use this mask and feel refreshed afterwards.

These products are not only easy to use, but your skin will LOVE that there are only two plant-based ingredients in them. Hooray for time efficiency AND clean beauty! Not sure which ingredients to stay away from? Check them out here.   

Everyone loves a good shower after a long day. So what if we told you that you can incorporate skincare in your shower too? You already take baths, so why not make it more efficient for your skin? We’ve got some options for you to replace your body soap with, and all with very few ingredients to ensure clean and healthy skin.

Replace your harsh-ingredient body soap with one of our body bars, like the Loving Liz Exfoliating Body Bar. This takes no extra time, just an upgrade! Soothe your skin with gentleness while also getting a good hydrating boost and clean.

You can even wash your face with our body bars, what a double win! This requires no time change to your shower routine which is the best part for someone whose showers are often rushed.

No matter how you manage your time on the daily, it’s essential to keep your skin healthy for the present and for the future. After all, skin is the human body’s largest organ. You want to protect it as much as possible.

Having a skincare routine doesn’t have to take up so much of your mornings or nights. Find a few products that you know can easily be incorporated in your daily life like face masks and body soaps. Make It Classy knows you have many places to go to, so that’s why we’re here to de-stress you and help keep your skin glowing with the best ingredients. 

Find the best suitable products for your skin type by determining what kind of skin you have here.

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