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Why Some Soaps Cause Dry Skin

Make It Classy Team

By: Jan Agaton

One of Make It Classy’s core values is ensuring that their products are immediately beneficial to your skin, as well as in the long run. Unfortunately, many popular brands carry products such as soaps that may smell nice, have the cutest packaging, give a moisturized feel for a few minutes, but are chock-full of toxic ingredients that cause dry or irritated skin.

One of the most common harmful ingredients in soaps and various beauty products is fragrance. If a product doesn’t say “fragrance-free” or “unscented,” it most likely contains artificial fragrances made with a plethora of chemicals that are detrimental to your skin. Fragrances are the most common contact allergens in soaps, even though they don’t contribute to the actual cleansing process. 

oat honey bar soap

Another very common ingredient in soaps that lead to dry skin is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a detergent that helps break down oil and grease, and it is what causes soap to be bubbly when you rub it on your body. Your skin has an oily barrier that keeps it from drying out, and since SLS is made to disintegrate oils, soaps with a high percentage of this ingredient is bound to lead to severely dry skin with each use.

Parabens are another leading cause of undesirable side effects to the skin. Because parabens are utilized as a preservative, they are present in numerous beauty products. They have been proven to cause allergic reactions, and some recent studies even link the methyl type of paraben to cancer. And when there is a combination of different parabens in the same product, chances of a reaction increase significantly. 

grapefruit bar soap

To prevent your skin from suffering through all those ingredients’ effects, Make It Classy has some bar soaps you could try that keep your skin moisturized for extended periods of time and smell great, too. Not to mention bar soaps are more environmentally friendly than body washes stored in plastic containers! Make It Classy currently has three different body bars to choose from: 

  1. Loving Liz - Oatmeal Honey Lavender
  2. Bright Bella - Pink Grapefruit 
  3. Graceful Gina - Lemon Green Tea

The weather’s getting colder, aka dry skin season! Snag your scent of choice (or all three!) before the super low temperatures hit!

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