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Skinimalism: Everything to Know About this Skincare Trend

Make It Classy Team

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Skinimalism is in! In case you haven’t heard about this trendy new philosophy of skincare, it essentially emphasizes the idea of letting your skin do its thing by minimizing the products you use in your everyday skincare routine. It encourages you to love your skin minus the layers of makeup and allow your natural look to glow, utilizing beauty products that only benefit your skin’s health rather than focusing on purely aesthetic purposes. 

Think about it. When you were stuck at home during lockdown days and wearing little to no makeup on a daily basis, did you notice improvements in your skin? It’s really easy to forget how many ingredients are in the beauty products you apply to your skin so frequently. 

Not only is skinimalism good for your skin, but it’s also better for the environment, as you’re obviously buying less products and not contributing as much waste when discarding your empties. 

In addition, minimizing your skincare routine would save you a significant amount of time, which would encourage you to take care of your skin more often. 

Now, how do you create a routine that caters to this idea of skinimalism? Of course we would recommend plant-based beauty products to avoid all the artificial ingredients and unknown chemicals, but generally speaking, here are the products we consider essential:

  • Facial cleanser 
  • Exfoliator to use 1-2x a week
  • A serum
  • A product with SPF

Anything that’s gentle on the skin and has ingredients you can pronounce is your best bet. If you are looking to try out some Make It Classy products to kickstart your transition to skinimalism, you can find most of what you’d need in our skincare collection!


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