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Benefits of Using a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Make It Classy Team

The jade stone facial roller has been trending in the beauty industry for the past few years, but did you know that this beauty tool comes in other stones as well?

Contrary to popular belief, the color of the facial roller does matter, and they are not all called jade rollers! Before we get into the benefits of rose quartz in its facial roller form, we will discuss what distinguishes it from the jade version, as well as the stone’s emotional healing properties when utilized for meditation purposes.

Aside from the obvious pink color versus green, rose quartz stays cooler longer, as jade is very adaptive and therefore quickly warms when in contact with the skin. Jade rollers can help with contouring, but rose quartz rollers are better for reducing wrinkles.

Your rose quartz facial roller will also generally last longer, especially with regular use, because jade is a much softer stone, which significantly increases the risk of wear and tear at a faster rate. 

In terms of the healing properties of rose quartz, it is known as a “mothering crystal,” meaning it is extremely nurturing to the self as well as to others. It inspires unconditional self-love and peace towards others, as it is associated with the heart chakra (chakras are focal points in the body often referenced in meditation practices).

Rose quartz is also known to balance high emotions, such as hatred, fear, and anger. Its energy helps remove the negativity of those feelings and replaces them with calmer, more soothing ones, such as empathy and forgiveness.

However, most of you are probably here for the more tangible, physical benefits. 

As you glide the slightly cool rose quartz roller across your face in slow, soothing motions, you will instantly feel a sense of relaxation. At the same time, it removes toxins from your skin, fades dark circles away, and helps with puffiness and elasticity, which leads to that desired glowy look.

This little device does all of this by helping increase your face’s blood circulation, promoting oxygen to penetrate through deeper layers of the skin, which then stimulates the production of collagen, a natural protein in the body that keeps your skin, hair, and nails healthy.

Just make sure you roll outward on your face as opposed to inward, so as to ensure proper circulation. The roller will flush out any congestion or swelling your skin may be suffering through, leading to noticeable detoxification, apparent through significantly smaller pores and skin that appears more taut than prior to use. Here's a video to show you how its done.

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on one of these less common facial rollers, you can try it out with our rose quartz facial roller. Get yours HERE.


By: Jan Agaton


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