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5 Signs That You Have Sensitive Skin

Make It Classy Team

By: Jan Agaton

Are you concerned that your skin is sensitive, but you don’t know the specific criteria that classifies it as such? Here are five easily noticeable signs that can clarify whether or not you have sensitive skin:

  • You sunburn easily.
  • Too much exposure to the sun is harmful to all types of skin regardless of sensitivity. However, if you notice changes such as freckles or moles appearing in your skin even after only a short period of time under the sun, that is indicative of where your skin falls on the sensitivity spectrum. Be extra careful if this applies to you because severe sunburns and overexposure to UV rays have a high risk of leading to forms of skin cancer like melanoma. Whether you typically leave the pool burnt or with a nice tan, it’s always a good idea to apply sunscreen, but those with sensitive skin should make sure to find a sunscreen that is “broad-spectrum” and has at least an SPF of 30.

  • Your skin is often dry.
  • Another indication of sensitive skin is if your skin is dry, flaky, scaling, or itchy. It is fairly common for those to be signs of eczema, which is easy to remedy, especially for mild cases. Creams for such treatment could typically be found over-the-counter. If itchiness is your primary issue, one possibility could be because your sensitive skin is frequently being washed and irritated by hot water; in that case, try switching to lukewarm water in the shower. Regardless of your skin’s level of dryness, always use gentle cleansers with the least amount of chemical ingredients you can’t pronounce as possible. 

    5 signs of sensitive skin

  • You’re prone to breakouts/rashes/bumps/redness.

    There are many triggers for random breakouts and all of the other effects listed above, but if you notice them coming and going on a pretty regular basis, you more than likely have sensitive skin. One reason you may be breaking out is because dry skin compensates for the lack of moisture by producing extra oils, which then clogs your pores and causes your skin to breakout in the form of acne, a rash, bumps, or redness. Another reason could simply be from being overly stressed as well, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that fragrances and various chemicals in skincare products are toxic and could very well be another possible trigger, so try your best to be aware of the ingredients in moisturizers and cleansers you use. 

  • Your skin reacts to bad weather.
  • Extremely cold and windy weather are a leading cause of skin agitation because blood vessels become swollen, therefore inflaming the skin. Treatment for inflammation requires calming ingredients such as chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, cucumber extract, or azulene extract.

  • Beauty products often cause stinging, burning, or some sort of irritation.
  • It’s important to always patch-test before trying new beauty products to see how your skin reacts, but if it seems like every single product you try causes a negative reaction, it’s probably safe to say that you have sensitive skin. We would advise you to seek out unscented products, as those pesky fragrances love causing problems. Also, look for ingredients listed in #4 to help soothe affected areas. 

    We know how frustrating it can be to waste a ton of money trying numerous skincare products that do nothing but seem to make your symptoms worse than before you applied that expensive moisturizer to the apples of your cheeks, no matter what the ingredients are. 

    We encourage you to try one more time with our Sensitive Skin Bundle and see positive effects for a change! This bundle includes an unscented exfoliating body bar (Loving Liz) and an unscented rose clay DIY face mask (Radiant Rae), both made with all-natural ingredients per usual, so they are guaranteed to be gentle on your skin. 


    The bundle also comes with a soothing Rose Quartz Facial Roller to complete your self-care routine. Grab yours before the end of August so you don’t miss out on finally treating your skin with products that make it feel like it should!

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