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Why You Need a Body Butter This Fall

Make It Classy Team

The first day of autumn falls on September 22nd this year, and we want you to get ahead on making sure your skin is taken care of for the upcoming seasons! Using body butter is a good way to keep your skin smooth and moisturized during these dry, colder months.

Body butters are of a thicker consistency than lotions and creams (like our Soulful Sasha Body Cream), and with that comes stronger scents (unless you choose an unscented one, of course) as well as longer-lasting moisture.

Body butters are typically made with oils, fats, and minerals extracted from natural ingredients and contain little to no water, creating a texture and absorbance level that allows the skin to retain the moisture and nourishment they provide.

Cold weather is one of the main culprits when it comes to dry skin, as the bitter temperatures and low humidity strip the skin of its moisture, which often leads to cracks, roughness, redness, or peeling in the skin.

If you don’t know where to start on your search for the perfect body butter, we’ve got you covered!



Our Zealous Zoya Body Butter comes in a limited edition pumpkin spice scent that will guarantee all the cozy fall vibes you crave when the air gets crisp. Other scents include grapefruit, lavender, wintermint and unscented.  

Zealous Zoya’s main ingredients are avocado butter and shea butter. You may have heard of shea butter being known for its soothing, balancing and hydrating properties, as it’s typically used to heal sunburns and insect bites.

Avocado butter is another all-natural ingredient that works well for getting rid of blemishes and maintaining skin elasticity by penetrating deep into the skin. Both give the body butter its rich texture and effectiveness in melting and absorbing into your skin, giving you the moisture your skin desires in cooler weather. 

Let us help you be proactive about dry skin this year and check out Zealous Zoya Body Butter on before temperatures start to drop!

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By: Jan Agaton

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