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Self-Love Rituals for Valentine’s Day (and Every Day!)

Make It Classy Team

By: Jan Agaton

Make this Valentine’s Day all about YOU! If you’ve been following our brand for a while, you’d know how much we encourage and prioritize self-care. Therefore, we’re here to give you a list of ideas on how to spend February 14th and make yourself your own valentine this year!

Pamper yourself

Give yourself a manicure, put comfy PJ’s on, put on a face mask, take a bath, the options are endless! (If you’re in need of a new bath bomb, we just dropped some as our newest products on!)

Indulge in some yummy treats

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to satisfy your sweet tooth...or wait until the next day for those 50% off chocolates 😉

Cozy up with a good book

Maybe you love to read but keep pushing that one book aside and prioritizing other “more important things” first, but now’s the time to turn that first page while you’re cuddled up with a soft blanket and a cup of coffee or tea. 

Let yourself enjoy a show/movie

We know what it’s like to have the constant urge to be productive and to feel like you’re wasting time when you’re just staring at the TV screen, but here’s your friendly reminder that it is okay to slow down and let yourself relax once in a while!

Take the night off cooking and order food instead

It may be cliché, but treat yourself! You don’t need to worry about dinner on Valentine’s Day. Allow yourself the Chinese takeout or large topping-filled pizza!

Do anything you find relaxing

Whether it’s a yoga flow, working on a puzzle, baking, or even knitting, the night is yours to spend the way you want, guilt-free!

To help with your night of self love, along with our Lavish Luna Bath Bomb release, we also have a Valentine’s Day Love Yourself Bundle available only for a limited time, as well as our Self Care Kit that people have been loving lately! 

We hope this list gave you some ideas for how you want to show yourself some extra love, and we hope you have a super happy Valentine’s Day! 

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