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How to Treat Your Curls With Class

Make It Classy Team

Our curls are our best friend and we must treat them with care. Not only are Make It Classy products made with care, they are also full of the essential ingredients every curl type needs to stay healthy and thriving. I’m going to share my simple wash day routine using Make It Classy plant based hair products. 

For best results for your curls make it a habit to use the Loyal Leah DIY Clay Hair and Face Mask Kit once a month to detoxify your curls and promote healthy hair growth. You should be able to get 3 to 4 usages from 1 DIY kit. Simply store your clay mask in a cool area until your next use. If the clay hardens over time just add more water to it and stir until you get your desired consistency. Combine Sassy Slone Herbal Shampoo Bar + Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner weekly or bi-weekly to cleanse and refresh your curls in between going from one style to the next. Lastly, use Nourishing Nina Herbal Hair Oil every wash day and daily to hydrate the scalp and protect your curls. 

Make It Classy products help to achieve the perfect wash n go! 

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