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Benefits of Calendula on Your Skin

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You may also know calendula as “pot marigold.” These flowers originate from Asia and Southern Europe, and the oils extracted from them are known for helping with wounds, rashes, and other forms of skin inflammation. 

Some people apply calendula oil to their skin as a method to treat acne and eczema because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has the ability to improve skin firmness and hydration, as well as reducing redness and swelling. Its soothing effects are due to flavonoid (acts as antioxidant), saponins, and triterpenoids, which prevent your body from releasing histamines. 

Calendula skin benefits

In addition to serving as a remedy for inflammation, calendula can also potentially be an option for sun protection. It has SPF properties, but research is still being conducted to prove that calendula in the form of a cream can be used as sunscreen.

Calendula is super gentle on the skin, which won’t cause irritation the way artificial ingredients do. Its healing properties increase blood flow and oxygen to the skin, which leads to a healthier appearance. Calendula also contains essential fatty acids that make your skin absorb nutrients, hold water, and therefore making your skin smoother, more supple, and overall healthier. 

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Note: Always remember to test all products on a small patch of your skin first. 


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