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Benefits of Using a Shampoo Bar

Make It Classy Team

Shampoo bars have several benefits, not only for your hair, but in other aspects that may not have come to mind right away as well. If you’re considering switching to shampoo bars, or if you just want to learn more about the product, you’re at the right place!

  • Financially savvy. Shampoo bars are typically less expensive than liquid shampoo; they also last significantly longer so you get more uses and spend less money.

  • Better for the environment. Liquid shampoos usually come in plastic containers. Switching to shampoo bars will therefore reduce your plastic usage, making for a more sustainable hair care routine.sassy sloane shampoo bar

  • More natural. Shampoo bars have a much shorter ingredient list than liquid shampoos, and they definitely don’t use many, if any at all, synthetic ingredients. Thus, it is an easy change to make if you’re looking to transition to more all-natural or plant-based products.

  • More practical and convenient. Shampoo bars are way easier to travel with because again, they last longer, and they take up less space in bags. You don’t have to worry about shampoo bars leaking, nor do you have to worry about getting stopped by TSA when traveling with one of them in your carry-on. Shampoo bars can also serve as a body bar if necessary, so you wouldn’t have to bring a whole other product for soap. 

  • Just as effective, if not better. Shampoo bars do all the same things for your hair as liquid shampoo in terms of cleansing and making your hair smell nice, just without all the harmful ingredients.

    Convinced and curious about where to get your first shampoo bar? Aren’t you glad we offer our very own Sassy Sloane Shampoo Bar? We hope you love her as much as we do! 




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