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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

The Make It Classy team is home to a handful of our brand ambassadors who help introduce our brand to the community. Get to know them and find their discount codes for savings:


Amanda blogs about clean beauty & healthy living on her blog. You can follow her on Instagram @amandajolopez.



Ashley creates lifestyle content around motherhood and self-care. Follow her on Instagram @ascruggslife.



Christy creates lifestyle, beauty and lifestyle content. You can follow her on Instagram at @asian.crystal.


Emily creates lifestyle, cruelty free beauty and vegan food content on Instagram. Follow her @emxomarie.


Khadijah is a natural hair and beauty content creator. You can follow her at @thepassionista__.


Kiesha is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator and model based in Canada. You can follow her @kieshawestt.


Sheena is a beauty, lifestyle and fashion content creator and model. You can follow her @mspostell.



Taylor creates content around travel, lifestyle, fitness and beauty. You can follow her @tayloragillespie.


Tiffany has a beauty blog inspired by wrestling. She also throws in a little food and lifestyle content. Follow her @tshack_talkz

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