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Make It Classy's 2020 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Make It Classy Team

Stay classy this holiday season with the help of this gift guide, featuring just a few of our many available beauty products made with all-natural ingredients. Scroll through our annual holiday beauty gift guide to see which Make It Classy product would be the best fit for your loved ones!

Loyal Leah DIY Clay Hair + Face Mask Kit

This first one’s for your day ones who are artsy and love making their own things at home. If you constantly see them putting up new DIY decor or creating unique DIY recipes, why not keep that ball rolling and give them a kit to make their own beauty products at home too? It’s a no-brainer!

Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner

plant based hair conditioner - blissful brooklyn hair conditioner

Do you know someone who always reads online articles about the latest popular products to make sure she’s staying on top of all the trends? Well, when she opens this gift and sees Blissful Brooklyn, you can let her know that it was featured in Glamour and Vanity Fair magazines in 2020, and that this is one of Make It Classy’s bestsellers!

Bright Bella Body Bar - Pink Grapefruit

We know the struggle of trying new beauty products in fear of your skin reacting negatively, especially those with sensitive skin. Good thing Bella’s here to the rescue because she’s made with skin-soothing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, making her super safe for your loved ones whose skin needs a little extra tender, loving care. On another note, this one’s also great for those who simply gravitate towards sweet and fruity scents!

Majestic Maya Body Scrub

Loaded with matcha and avocado oil, this body scrub will appeal to your friend who’s all about exfoliating and taking a little (or a lot of) extra time for skincare! Majestic Maya is also perfect for the holidays because it’s made with peppermint oil to give it that crisp, refreshing, wintry scent that’s found in everything this time of year.

Romantic Rosie DIY Lavender Rosewater Kit

Got someone who’s all about advocating self-love and treating herself? Surprise her with this DIY Kit because not only will it allow her to spend some time with herself by making the rosewater, but it also has multiple purposes. She could use it as a facial toner, body spray, hair moisturizer, or a skin soother while taking a bubble bath!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Everyone has that family member who is constantly worrying about wrinkles and always stressing out about...stressing out. Help calm her nerves by gifting her one of these rose quartz facial rollers, as it aids with skin puffiness, circulation, and smoothing out wrinkles. If she’s into meditation and crystals, all the better! Rose quartz is a popular stone that radiates positive energies relating to self-love and balancing emotions. Not to mention it being cool to the touch which feels super relaxing on the skin after a long day.

If you still don’t see your perfect gift on this list, feel free to check out the rest of our products on!

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