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Graceful Gina Exfoliating Body Bar - Lemon Green Tea

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Graceful Gina Exfoliating Body Bar - Lemon Green Tea
Graceful Gina Exfoliating Body Bar - Lemon Green Tea
Graceful Gina Exfoliating Body Bar - Lemon Green Tea

Buff away dry skin and unveil the glow you were meant to have with our Graceful Gina Exfoliating Body Bar. You'll enjoy this bar as it's a cross between a bar of soap and gentle body scrub.

Made with skin-soothing ingredients like shea butter and green tea, your skin will thank you later. This bar is perfect for all skin types.

You can expect a gentle soap with a wonderful lather every time!

Who Is This For?

Graceful Gina is great for those who:

- Are looking for gentle skin exfoliation

- Are lovers of lemon scent

- All skin types

How To Use

Graceful Gina can be used as a:

- Body wash

- Hand wash


- What ingredient acts as the exfoliant? 

Gina is a cross between a body scrub and a bar soap, so we use sugar as the exfoliant. 

- What benefits does green tea have for the skin?

We use matcha, a type of green tea in Graceful Gina due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more about the benefits of including green tea in your beauty routine here

- How long does this bar last in the shower?

On average, this bar lasts about 2 weeks in the shower depending upon daily usage and storage (keep in a dry place). 

- How do I use this bar?

The best way to use this bar for the body is to lather a washcloth and then rub the washcloth onto skin. If using for hands, simply rub the bar between your hands to create a lather. 

- Are there any parts of the body where I should not use this bar?

We recommend you avoid using this bar soap in sensitive areas that could easily be affected by your body's natural pH balance due to the sugar usage (yes, we're talking about your lady parts!). 


Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, safflower oil, glycerine, shea butter, sugar, matcha, lemon essential oil

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