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Majestic Maya Body Scrub

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Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub
Majestic Maya Body Scrub

Note: This product is discontinued and will not be restocked once sold.

Our Majestic Maya Body Scrub is a treat for your skin! With plant-based ingredients like matcha and avocado oil, it's like a spa day right in your shower. Its exfoliating properties leave you feeling smooth and moisturized. And the peppermint essential oil adds a cool, refreshing sensation. Get ready to be scrubbed slick and pampered chic!

Who Is This For?

Our Majestic Maya Body Scrub is great for:

- Those who love the smell of peppermint 

- Those who experience sinus or respiratory issues (the peppermint is the key)

- Who have normal to dry skin

How To Use

This scrub can be used as a:

- Foot scrub

- Body scrub

Scoop out a handful from the jar. Scrub onto the body starting at feet and working your way up to your neck. Rinse with water after applying and pat skin dry with a towel.


Does this body scrub moisturize skin?

Absolutely! This body scrub is made with soothing avocado oil to leave long-lasting moisture.

- What benefits does green tea (matcha) have for the skin?

We use matcha, a type of green tea in Graceful Gina due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more about the benefits of including green tea in your beauty routine here

How often should I use this body scrub?

We recommend using a body scrub at least twice a week. Learn more about using body scrubs here


Sugar, Matcha, peppermint oil, avocado oil, dried roses. (Need an oil switched out? Chat us HERE for options.

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