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Make It Classy Detangling Brush

Make It Classy

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Make It Classy Detangling Brush
Make It Classy Detangling Brush
Make It Classy Detangling Brush

Say goodbye to tangles with our new detangling brush. 

This one-of-a-kind brush is made with nylon bristles that flex to help you get rid of even some of the most stubborn knots. It's great for detangling large sections of hair and massaging the scalp. This tool works by reducing tension. 

Who Is This For?

The Make It Classy Detangling Brush is made for those who:

- Could use a good scalp massage

- Have thick, straight, or curly hair


How many colors does this brush come in?

Our detangling brush comes in only our signature light pink color.

How exactly do I use this brush?

While this detangling brush may look a little different, it functions just like any other brush. Start detangling at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the root. 

Should I use this brush on wet or dry hair?

Those with straight hair are welcome to use it on dry hair. Those with thick, curly hair will want to use this product on wet or damp hair. We recommend using this detangling brush in combination with our Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner. 

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